Advantages of Striping Parking Lot

19 Nov

In every business, there is a need to put your best foot forward. A fresh parking lot striping will help you accomplish this. Fresh paint also gives a better impression to your customers. Other issues will be caused by a parking lot that has faded, have cracked lines, potholes because these problems are not only an eyesore. You should make sure that your customers park their cars with ease or locate your car park without confusion. Regular maintenance of your car park will allow your customers to park their cars at ease. Your visitors will be able to navigate your car park easily if your Baton Rouge parking lot striping is clear. The size of your car park will be increased if only you make it have a well-planned spacing.

The local regulations will require your car park to meet some particular codes. Having a designated handicap space for the disabled drivers is one of those codes. The number of spaces you need depends on the location and size of your car park. Clear coloration of that designated spaces is necessary and to add on that, you should expand the space. The wheelchairs or other mobility devices that the disabled users will be removed if you broaden that space. In the codes, you will find that they need your car park to be marked with specific paintings together with fire lanes. If the car park is used jointly by several businesses, you will have to designate specific spots directly in front of doors.

Sometimes if your car park is busy, you may leave free spaces and mark them to be used only for a few minutes. You will find these marks in front of restaurants or movie theatres because they allow the traffic to keep flowing. You may choose to mark those spaces with stencil paints and then border them using different colors. Other spaces will be identified when you do that. One of the essential Baton Rouge joint sealing tools is having a proper parking lot striping because it will prevent slip and falls, and collisions in your parking lot.

To improve the traffic flow, you will have to keep the paint fresh and direction arrows clear. Repairing the whole car park should be done if it is damaged completely. People might also fall and hurt themselves if they fall on the large holes and cracks and so you should not look at the car safety side only. You should repair it to avoid those problems because some people might sue you. There are other issues that you will need to look at like the smashed chocks. Chocks are those bumpers that are located between spaces or in the front of sidewalks to prevent vehicles from moving too far.

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